Emeline Michel, Her Lyrics are Powerful

belpoz.com/picture-552I was having a phone conversation with ROland Berthold, the CEO of www.HaitiMusicVideo.com and he suggest that I watch a video caled Batey, by artist Emeline Michel.

I watched it, I love it, and I recomment it.

Roland has taken the time to put together a list of all the Haitain music videos available on YouYoube and MySpace for the viewing pleasure of the Haitian community.

There are a few music videos there by Emeline Michel and many other Haitian artist.

haitimusicvideo.com/index.php/1314... Emeline Michel - Amandine Music Video - Emeline Michel - Amandine Music Video - Don't you just love her. We...

haitimusicvideo.com/index.php/1267... Emeline Michel - A.K.I.K.O -
The Queen of Haitian music and song, Emeline Michel , La Reine de la...

haitimusicvideo.com/index.php/1266... Emeline & Sidon - Tout moun ale nan kanaval -
"Creole soul queen Emeline Michel has got it goin' on. She's a...

haitimusicvideo.com/index.php/1265... Emeline Michel - Batey -
Named the "Joni Mitchell of Haïti", Emeline Michel has emerged as the...

haitimusicvideo.com/index.php/1264... Emeline Michel - Chante Libete'w an kreyol -
Emeline Michel has been called the queen of Haitian song, and her voice...

If you have a Haitian music video on Youtube or My space be sure to submit it to www.HaitiMusicVideo.com so the thousans people who visit his site every day can watch it.

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Love Haiti says...

I always like music specially when it speaks about ma around touches our heart, You in fact done such a job. any way i wanna tell an important thing for which we all should be concerned.

After an Heavy natural disaster It's become back dated.

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Dylan Allen says...

Hi Don,

I'm looking for the exact same type of music that your looking for for your piece.

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Haitian Movie says...

Hey people this a great place to go watch nice African and Haitian movies free. They have movies on-demand, and live TVs.

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Don Goble says...

I am a high school broadcast and film teacher.

i recently had a student shoot some raw video footage in Haiti, as he prepares to produce a documentary on one of the small villages he visited.

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Jopz says...

Yeah, Emeline Michel has a great voice..

with the perfect songs, she will be the next DIVA

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