Gracia Delva Can come Back to Zenglen Anytime

In a press conference at Marabou Cafe, Richie of Zenglen said to the press that Gracia Delva can come back to Zenglen anytime.

According to Ritchie Gracia never left Zenglen. it was a circumstance that led the Gracia's departure from zenglen.

Gracia went to Haiti and was unable to return to the US.

Richie also mentioned that Gracia Delva's case unique. The other singers who chose to leave Zenglen cannot come back.

According to an article posted on Haitinetradio, Reginal Cange and Frero, the two lead singers of the group left

for more info read this article:

Zenglen's Side Of The Story/Press Conference

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