Haiti Racine Singer AZOR Is Dead!

Breaking News... Haitian Racine singer Lenord Fortune aka AZOR of Racine Mapou is Dead. The artist died last night after a performance at Fete Mont-Carmel, Saut d'Eau

AZOR (Lenord Fortune) is one of the most renowned Haitian Racine Singers, he will be missed.

If you have ever been to Racine Festival in Florida than you know that AZOR is usually the one to open the show with the sound of his drum, his captivating voice, and the all the folklorik dances that go along with it.

Yes... He will be missed.

According to news coming from Haiti, Lenord Fortune (AZOR) was taken to the Bernard Mevz hospital after a performance at Fete Mont Carmel (Viege Miracle Seau d'Eau) where he died.

Paix A Son Ame!

Watch AZOR Kanaval Videos here...

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Dany I agree with you a 100 percent.
Reply · July 19 at 11:17 AM
Fremond R God is in control not voodoo it time those who are worship the devil see that an give their live to God. The catholik... see more
Reply · July 19 at 9:52 AM
Lena haitian have to stop voodoo and be with god the almigthy god said no to voodo is time to repend from devil u see where... see more
Reply · July 19 at 9:21 AM
Cineus Frantz Azor a beaucoup contribue au developpement de la culture haitienne.C'est avec infiniment de peine que je salue son... see more
Reply · July 17 at 11:22 PM

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