Haitian Music Videos

There are many haitian music videos on the internet, they are every where in many Haitian websites.

Today, I wanted to watch a Haitian video while sitting at my mother's house in Spring Valley, NY

I spent about half an hour searching until I finaly found it.

So I thought...

Why not list all the Haitian music video Links here on Belmizik?

Here is what we're going to do: if you know any links online to a nice Haitian music video, post a comment on the Belmizik forum and at the link/url of the Haitian music video to the message.

Be sure to title your title of your message is: Band name - Video title - music video

decribe it a little and add the link... Not the home page of the site but the exact link the the Haitian music video.

I will post the first comment to give you an IDEA.

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Bolouva Jean says...

I know a beautiful haitian website:

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Haitianx1804 says...

this video is beautiful and inspirational, Rouge et Bleu: Ou se Glas a Dife

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Familia Click says...

Another music video by Familia Click.

This was done for the 2007 Haitian carnival.

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Imagine Haiti says...

Haitian rap music band Familia Click released this song to celebrate moms for the 2007 Haitian Mother's Day. The very simple video was directed by well known Haitian cinematographer Richard Senecal.

Familia Click is a young hip-hop band from downtown Port-au-Prince.

See it there :

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Woody says...

Here is the link to one of my favorite Haitian music Videos

Artist Pwojet Pam
Video: Deyo a Pa Gen Anyen Video
Link: haitistream.com/video/pwojetpam.html

This video is nice, Tonton Bicha is featured in the video.

Anyone know the lyrics?

please post it

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