Labor Day Fest 2011 In NYC, a total mess

A Haitian corespondent has just reported to a South Florida radio station the the Labor Day Fest in NYC was a total mess...

Were you there?

Share your opinion...

The word is that there was no Haitian bands, no Haitian entertainment whatsoever on Eastern Parkway.

Did you do???

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Jennifer says...

Thanks Pa zaaz. Always supporting me. Garrett Completed all but 25 pull ups. Did extra 25 dips to seohomw make up for the pull ups. Didn't look at the time. Just finishing was enough.

Jonah Push ups against table, Squat jumps good. Workout unfinished.

Attempted 15 reps of each.

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Rza says...

The NYC Labor day Fest 2011 was the worst ever out of my 20 years i been going to the carnival in New York. I can recall the prior years on Eastern Parkway about twenty-three to twenty five trucks each island have about two to three trucks with different artist performing.

They were about 7 trucks or so. No Jamaican truck, Haitian truck, no artists performing.

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Walloo says...

It was terrible, no Haitian band not even an Haitian dJ. One rara band smh. There were also three separate shootings.

As of last night they reported two people died .I was there until about 6pm after the last shooting I left.

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Manou says...

I heard that T-Vice was supposed to come out. But they received a phone call threatening them not to go. So they had to cancel.

Nou konnen ayisyen toujou nan konpetisyion.The other bands had no one to sponsor them, but T-vice was coming out with their own funds.

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Sajune says...

Menm mwen menm m ta renmen konnen Sak pase bann yo. Ayitien yo fem wont poum sot his NJ pou gramesi hummmm.

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