Lakay Festival 2007 Kicks off with System Band and Nu Look

Lakay Festival 2007 is set for June 6th 2007 at Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami. and the kick off party is on June 6th.

Nulook and System Band will perform live at Marabou Cafe on June 6. This event will be the official kick off party for Lakay Festival 2007.

You can get more info about Lakay Festival, the Kick off Party and listen to the ration spots by visiting

Friday, Jul 6th, 2007 System Band Vs. Nu Look - Lakay Festival Kick Off Party
Join us at marabou cafe for the kick off party of lakay festival 2007 with system band and nu look tickets on sale at: mass konpa music shop maxisound galamix mizik depot konpa...
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Saturday, Jul 7th, 2007 Lakay Festival 2007
Lakay festival hits miami's bayfront park on saturday july 7, 2007 enjoy the sounds of: - nu look - jah nesta - ram - koudjay - boukan ginen - tokay - rev - rasin bwa kayiman - rara...
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