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Haitian Independence Festival Press Conference

The Haitian Independence Festival is happening again, tommorrow, Saturday January 20th, 2007.

Haitian Music Videos

There are many haitian music videos on the internet, they are every where in many Haitian websites.

Belo Wins RFI Decouvertes 2006 in Douala

I just got news from a trusted source that Belo Won RFI Decouvertes 2006 in Douala.

Official Statement from Nu Vice to Michel Blaise

teledjol.com/Read an official Statement from Nu Vice to Michel Blaise due to the death of his father.

Haitian music forum is now active

The Haitian music forum on Belmizik is not active.

Haitian music fan club fully operational

Attention haitian musicians and fans, the Belmizik.com fan club is fully opperational.

Belmizik.com, full speed ahead

It has been a while since I decided to create a new Haitian music website, an exact replica of the Haitian movie database, www.BelFim.com.