T-Vice New CD, Vinn Investi, Just Released

T-Vice has just released their new album titled "Welcome to Haiti, Vinn Investi" on Saturday. I was one of the invited guests at the album release party in Miami and I took some pictures to share with you.

t-vice album release party

belpoz.com/picture-8095Did you get our copy yet?

What do you think about the album?

If you did not get your copy, it should be available in your local Haitian CD store.

The new album,Welcome to Haiti, Vinn Investi, has 12 tracks.

I have not had the chance to really listen to the new T-Vice album and I am not one to give my personal opinion about it, I prefer to hear your opinion, but I will tell you honestly that everyone was enjoying it at their album release party in Miami.

Watch the CD Release press conference video:

Sweet Micky was there, Ti Joe Zenny flew all the way from Haiti to perform at the party. it was a really exciting evening.

Here is what the cover looks like:

Vinn Investi CD - FRONT Cover

Vinn Investi CD - Back Cover

Roberto Martino did mention in the press conference that there are other artists who are featured in the album such as Ti Djo Zenny, Black Dada and Arly Larivierre.

He said that, just like they do it in the American Hip Hop music industry, T-Vice is starting a new venture whereby they invite other well known artist from other groups to perform in their album and they expect other groups to follow their footstep.

I'll tell you one short story about my Vinn Investi CD I received at the party:

Yesterday, I went to my friend's party in North Miami and he (a well known superstar) saw the CD in my car and said "O... Gad'on kado zanmi-m pote pou mwen" and he grabbed the CD.

I took it back from him and said:

"My autographed CD? Don't even think about it..."

If you get a change to listen to the new T-Vice Vinn Investi CD, be sure to post a comment about it by posting a comment below

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Noleggio Proiettori Fantastic and sweet blog. I think the title of the album is right on. send the website where I can order my copy... see more
Reply · May 04 at 5:47 AM
Philippe M pat janm vraiment yon fanatik T-VICE, mais mon cher se le premier fwa, T-VICE lage yon album ki fe cou nan tout... see more
Reply · June 18 at 8:44 AM
Tatoune M Mwen panse que se yon tres bon titre pou album nan vin investi le titre marche avec la situation actuelle du pays et... see more
Reply · June 09 at 10:02 AM
Edwine Adrien Mwen se Edwine depi site soley se yon plezi,mwen se yon oparate nan radyo Boukman andan site soley.Mwen ekri pou fe... see more
Reply · June 09 at 8:17 AM
Jovenel Je dois vous avouer qu`entre la polemique T-vice & Djakout, T-vice est ma prefer
Reply · June 08 at 9:20 AM
Jacky I think the title of the album is right on. send the website where I can order my copy.
Reply · June 07 at 6:41 PM

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