FLASH: Atis Mechans-T anba kòd, la police arete misye (AUDIO)

Rap Kreyol atis Mechans-T, la polis arete misye pou sa ki te pase ant misye, ti dam lan, ak microphone la nan Miragoane mwa pase a... Mechans-T gen pou paret devan jij Natirel li demain Mardi 15 Mai 2018 la nan Miragoane.

PHOTO: Haiti Music HMI - Atis Mechans-T Anba Kod La Police

Haitian rapper Mechans-T arrested by Police

Haitian Rapper Mechans-T has been arrested by police due to an indecent assault charge for a very inapropriate performance he made where a young lady and a microphone was involved.

Wens Désir Jonathan, alias Mechans-T, is being prosecuted for indecent assault after a video turned viral showed the rapper, microphone in hand, simulate a sexual act with one of his fans on stage during a show in Miragoane.

Mechans-T will be in court in the city of Miragoane where the event took place face his charges.

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Subject: FLASH: Atis Mechans-T anba kod, la police arete misye (AUDIO) edit

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