Top Adlerman Accuses Djakout Mizik Of Stealing

Top Adlerman says Djakout's new song PROFITE is his. He says Djakout Mizik stole the song and Shabba asked him not to release his original version.

Top Adlerman

Just yesterday, Top Adlerman posted a comment on the board asking his fans to checkout his new single called "Pwofite" but the news out there is Djakout Stole his song and he has proof.

See the message here and listen to Top Adlerman's song PWOFITE

The conflict is, Top Adlerman and Djakout Mixik both has a new song out called "PWOFITE" and there is a reason for that.

According to, Top Adlerman took the song to Ti Regi's Biznis Pam Studio so he could work on it, his friend forgot the hard drive at the studio, and soon after, Shabba call him to participate in a new Djakout song called "PWOFITE"

For more details read Adlerman's Bombshell Accusation On Djakout Mizik "Pwofite"!


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Reply · January 09 at 2:49 AM
Johnny if djakout did it, the best thing top adlerman have to do is just take him to court and make him pay million of us... see more
Reply · November 25 at 6:51 PM
Natundekosuma Am i right or wrong?I told you.They cannot be trusted.vole,vole,vole.yo vole mizik, yo vole fam'n. yo vole lajan. they... see more
Reply · September 03 at 7:30 PM

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