Celia Cruz is Haitian

It is nice to have a link that sends us to a website that states that Celia Cruz was Cuban but no one confirmed that this info was legit.

I, too heard that Celia Cruz was born as Haitian but chose to live her life as a Cuban because she is indeed of cuban background.

It is not the first time that a celebrity changes their names or falsify some information in order to boost their career.

Ever heard of the Estevez/Sheen family.

I looked into this rumour and was able to confirm with the LAFOND family and BRENEVILLE family in New York and Haiti and they told me that Celile De Lacroix is indeed Celia Cruz.

She was born in Haiti and moved at a young age to Cuba with her family.

I spoke with a lady whose last name is LAFOND (to avoid having a bunch of people harass this lady, I am keeping her first name secret) who stated that she lived next door to Celile and they were good friends.

Since then, Celia Cruz has travelled to Haiti many times and sang and performed with several local bands in Haiti during the festivals.

Let's not forget that, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Haitians & Cuban share the same history.

It is not surprising to see similar features on all of them.

Haiti/Cuban whether the cubans want to admit it...

they are close cousins because of their colorful past.

My name is Carlo but when I am in Cuba...

I go by Carlos.

Like Celile, I am trying to make it big in the Salsa world.


Carlo Bernard
Salsa Instructor
Caribbean Latin Groove (CLG)


Celia Cruz is Haitian...

This is a story I haver not been able to verify, but it is worth telling : Celine Lacroix, Better Known as Celia Cruz...

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Thank you very much Carlo Bernado for the information.

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