To me Glacia Delva is not a superstar, Richie are, i admitted...

Kervens - November 18 2007, 2:44 PM

to me Glacia Delva is not a superstar, Richie are, i admitted the guy have a lot of people behind him, super star mean a guy that can produce music( example) Dieudonne Larose he a super star. if it was not for Richie Glacia woulded be finish, common Mass Compa had a album out for three years.

another thing to all my Haitian people, our generation will never make it, because your do not support them on any effort they doing.

what ever Glacia did in Zenglen you can not expert someone else to do the same, what ever Reginal did Glacia can not do it either.

if you think about it, your the one that they not give Frero and Reginal a chance, if your had did, your woulded see the different between Glacia and Reginal, Frero.

At this moment Richie and Brutis can not even stand to say Reginal was not a Good Singer for Zenglen and he did not do anything for the band, actually Zenglen loss two Good singer in they life style Glacia and Reginal Cange

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