RE: JahNesta

By: Fredie (replying to topic) - September 16 2008, 11:13 AM

You are truly an amazing person.

When I first saw you outside a shopping center, I was truly blown away. First off you are a beautiful person.

Your spirit is so calm and smoothing, and your music, though I really was not a fan of until I met you really is off the charts.

And I really hope as a Haitian artist, you do not get discouraged from lack support from the Haitian community.

You are one of the few artist who teach me about my parents roots where words can not be expressed.

watching your videos only makes me hope Haiti gets better so I can visit all those places.

Anyway I just felt truly compelled to write to you because meeting you was an uplifting experience and who would have thought I would have met you in Miami in front of a shopping center?!

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