I think he deserves it its about time we start showing honor...

Linda Chery - July 21 2011, 12:01 PM

I think he deserves it its about time we start showing honor to our Haitian gems/ treasures no matter what genre they are in. its not for us to judge on what but if they were the best or brought positivity to our culture or country hommage should be paid to them. R.I.P Azor he didnt sell out his belief and country.

I have seen Haitian who denounce being Haitian, Voodoo was not originally practice of evil it was folkloric way of solice of the oppressed ...

but as with any spiritual guided it can be manipulated to ones heart/wishes than allowing it to take it to another level.

I am a christian Haitian woman that is my faith and religion (GOD is NOT NEGOTIABLE for me)but I respect others choice and the history of voodoo in its original form and find beauty and great talent/skills in it. Its music is more us culturally than kompa/compas is, FACT!

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