Henry Celestin, Viva Les Difficiles de Petion-Ville

Isaac Eugene - November 9 2011, 8:12 AM

Oh, yes Henry was and still remained one of the greatest.

He was the lead singer and Maestro of the Famous group of the 70's: The Difficiles of Petion-Ville.

At Capitol Cine every Sunday or at Cabanne Choucoune on Friday; we used to listen and dance to the songs of this group whom was the joy of our existence.

At 8:00pm over the waves of "Haiti Inter" at "Tambour Battant" or over the waves of Radio Metropole at "Metro Rico" The Difficiles were our companions for our daily dosage of a Good Compas...

One of their Hit song "Bon Moment" became the theme song of one of the first movie ever filmed in Haiti with Sasha Montenegro.

Yes indeed, with nostalgy we can say now it was the "Bon Moment" We would like to thank Henry for ever and honor Him for every minute of joy, him and his group had brought us. He had by his voice and talents marked musically an era of our life as a nation, which I would called the Golden Years, because today, when I go down the streets where I grew up; I can't help myself with teary eyes, remembering one of the song of their first album: "Les Ombres du temps" (the shadows of yesterday); back then we had some poets in our mist...

"Viva Les Difficiles de Petion-Ville"

Isaac Eugene

PS: I would like to launch a "DPV Project" for the compilation of all the unedited songs of: Difficiles of P-V, or how to get in touch with Henry Celestin.

Anyone interested or know his whereabout please contact me. Thanks

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