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Since the arrival of Gracia Delva in Miami Last night, Haitian music lovers have been chasing CD stores looking for... more »
Topic, 09/23/11 12:42 PM
Watch the Gracia Delva Jerusalem video, Tmounn yo depim pa mouri map vini em pap mouri more »
Topic, 09/22/11 7:21 PM
haitian artist doesn't know what is a biography, they need someone to show then how to write there biography. please... more »
Valerie, 09/20/11 1:49 PM
Armstrong, I am email you from Mexico and I will like to know where to find your lyrics...please!! mesi boo boo... more »
Claudia, 09/14/11 4:44 PM
Haitian singer Abner G has just released his new hit single called "Mesi Bondje, Sa Te Ka Pi Mal" -- Listen to... more »
Topic, 09/14/11 10:21 AM
Listen to Abner G new music Single Mesi Bondje Sa Te Ka Pi Mal more »
Topic, 09/14/11 9:17 AM
Krezi has just held a press conference for the release of their new album titled ZAFE YO at Moca Cafe in N Miami... more »
Topic, 09/09/11 9:17 PM
The NYC Labor day Fest 2011 was the worst ever out of my 20 years i been going to the carnival in New York. I can... more »
Rza, 09/07/11 8:41 AM
It was terrible, no Haitian band not even an Haitian dJ. One rara band smh. There were also three separate shootings... more »
Walloo, 09/06/11 1:48 PM
I heard that T-Vice was supposed to come out. But they received a phone call threatening them not to go. So they had... more »
Manou, 09/06/11 1:41 PM