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A Haitian corespondent has just reported to a South Florida radio station the the Labor Day Fest in NYC was a total... more »
Topic, 09/06/11 1:34 PM
Menm mwen menm m ta renmen konnen Sak pase bann yo.Ayitien yo fem wont poum sot his NJ pou gramesi hummmm. more »
Sajune, 09/06/11 1:26 PM
"M ka few led" music video is the latest one by this underground Haitian Rapper "Cliowen" Can see the... more »
Haitianmusicvideo, 09/05/11 11:10 AM
Hi Arly, I just wanted you to know that you're a very good singer, sometimes we wait when the person is no more to say... more »
Marj Legrand, 09/01/11 5:05 PM
Watch the Papash Gade Yo Video... more »
Topic, 08/29/11 6:20 PM
Watch the Assade Francoeur and Maggy Jean Louis Lovanna video, Lovana Lovana ou bel, ou se yon bel ti fanm kreyol... more »
Topic, 08/29/11 6:12 PM
Watch the Coupe Cloue - ti Tet La video, Ti fi a leve, l al nan cinema, manman-l te pale-l piga-l soti ak gason more »
Topic, 08/29/11 5:46 PM
Tande Mizik saa... Meridional Des Cayes - Deblozay kay Manman Zo... Ala Traka pou Manman ZO ak ti fi sila... Deblozay... more »
Topic, 08/29/11 5:33 PM
Gade video saa... Fidel (Dabenz Cherry) - Just 4 The Thing - OFFICIAL music video more »
Topic, 08/25/11 3:35 PM
My wife has recorded a CD and would like to get it played on Haitian radio stations.Can you tell me where there are... more »
Larry Weinstein, 08/14/11 12:04 PM