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Pin my tail and call me a donkey, that ralely helped. more »
Lavonn, 07/30/11 3:22 PM
Gade video saa... System Band - Dadalicious Official Music Video more »
Topic, 07/30/11 6:48 AM
Watch the Tempo Pran Nan Cho video, PRAN NAN CHO VIDEO more »
Topic, 07/28/11 12:48 AM
well done brother keep on doing the good work.no complaint.God bless you. more »
Raynold Louis, 07/25/11 11:44 AM
Abner.G is real inspiration.I love his first album very much.I don't know him persnally but I have to tell you, The... more »
Kenold Pierre, 07/24/11 10:24 PM
map songew san rete azor, wale guinin rete la poul continue fais route la more »
Val, 07/24/11 8:08 PM
I feel so sad for him cause he's gone whit out God. more »
Suzana, 07/24/11 8:07 PM
I am so proud of our president Martelly who honors Azor as a great and our Voodoo culture publickly without any... more »
Toto, 07/24/11 7:09 PM
hello abner koman ou ye sak regle minm mw felicitatyon pou misik sa anpil mon chere,minm bondye ap toujou gadew nan... more »
Cassandre Vallet, 07/24/11 12:48 PM
Haitian Music star Abner G. was getting ready for a his big gospel concert Saturday, July 30, when suddenly he found... more »
Topic, 07/24/11 10:52 AM