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A vigil will be held for Haitian singer Lenord Fortune aka AZOR on Friday June 22, 2011 at Champ-de-Mars in downtown... more »
Topic, 07/21/11 10:17 AM
A Vodou style National Funeral will be held for Haitian music legend Lenord Fortune aka AZOR at Champs-de-Mars in... more »
Topic, 07/21/11 10:01 AM
I agree with you a 100 percent. more »
Dany, 07/19/11 11:17 AM
God is in control not voodoo it time those who are worship the devil see that an give their live to God. The catholik... more »
Fremond R, 07/19/11 9:52 AM
haitian have to stop voodoo and be with god the almigthy god said no to voodo is time to repend from devil u see where... more »
Lena, 07/19/11 9:21 AM
BABAY AZOR ----------------------- Babay Azor Mwen pa sevi lwa Men m-renmen kout tanbou sa-a. Pye mapou, orevwa m-pa... more »
Schiller Marcelin, 07/18/11 6:34 PM
Azor a beaucoup contribue au developpement de la culture haitienne.C'est avec infiniment de peine que je salue son... more »
Cineus Frantz, 07/17/11 11:22 PM
Leonore fortune, un homme qui a fait beaucoup pour la culture haitienne. more »
Johny Zephir, 07/17/11 7:13 PM
Florance it Fito dauther baby mommy frityard more »
Marie Gaspard, 07/17/11 6:51 PM
Haitian Conga player AZOR is Dead; Haitian president, former singer Michel Martelly, took the time to express his... more »
Topic, 07/17/11 6:31 PM