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Armstrong, I am email you from Mexico and I will like to know where to find your lyrics...please!! mesi boo boo... more »
Claudia, 09/14/11 4:44 PM
The NYC Labor day Fest 2011 was the worst ever out of my 20 years i been going to the carnival in New York. I can... more »
Rza, 09/07/11 8:41 AM
It was terrible, no Haitian band not even an Haitian dJ. One rara band smh. There were also three separate shootings... more »
Walloo, 09/06/11 1:48 PM
I heard that T-Vice was supposed to come out. But they received a phone call threatening them not to go. So they had... more »
Manou, 09/06/11 1:41 PM
Menm mwen menm m ta renmen konnen Sak pase bann yo.Ayitien yo fem wont poum sot his NJ pou gramesi hummmm. more »
Sajune, 09/06/11 1:26 PM
"M ka few led" music video is the latest one by this underground Haitian Rapper "Cliowen" Can see the... more »
Haitianmusicvideo, 09/05/11 11:10 AM
Hi Arly, I just wanted you to know that you're a very good singer, sometimes we wait when the person is no more to say... more »
Marj Legrand, 09/01/11 5:05 PM
My wife has recorded a CD and would like to get it played on Haitian radio stations.Can you tell me where there are... more »
Larry Weinstein, 08/14/11 12:04 PM
You will be miss Pouchon. Great talent. R.I.P so many of our musicians are gone too early while our country still need... more »
Sha, 08/13/11 2:42 PM
lol!! re: dear martha, thi a good job you are doing for the Lord when you make the joyful noise unto him, so will be... more »
John, 08/13/11 12:19 PM