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i absolutely love this woman's voice. been listening to her since the 90s. she's by far one of my favorites. more »
Arthur D, 08/04/12 5:00 AM
Thanks Pa zaaz. Always supporting me.Garrett Completed all but 25 pull ups. Did extra 25 dips to seohomw make up for... more »
Jennifer, 07/11/12 4:16 AM
Great update, Blanca! I'm very happy for J Louis I hope he gets the funds for his home very soon. Reading his story on... more »
Faheem, 07/10/12 7:54 PM
Tony,Thank you for making a datnisce disaster become so real and alive to me. It's easy to turn off the TV and close... more »
Mary, 07/10/12 9:49 AM
I love djo zenny I think he is one amazing singer. He is too handsome. I had a crush on him every since I was 9 more »
Sandra Sanon, 06/20/12 12:44 PM
how old is Toto Necessitte.I Havent seen him for years.I can still remember when he used to play with Rodrigue Milien... more »
Franklin Alrich, 05/27/12 8:45 PM
your a great singer that i have met before i dont think youll remember though. im 12 years old and a relative of yours... more »
Jeanellvieux, 05/27/12 3:04 PM
you are an handsome young man whose is doing God's work and i wish your wife was not stupid enough to let you go... more »
Ms D, 05/08/12 10:24 AM
C'estvraimentune belle composition pour les amoureux.Cett chanson fait palpitrer mon coeur,si j,avais une amoureuse... more »
Yveteau Devilme, 05/04/12 3:15 PM
I love the video but possy x you shouldn't let her die like that. If you were there for her she would never choose... more »
Fabiola Pierre, 04/30/12 7:10 PM