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R.I.P Azor.You will be greatly missed more »
Kenold Pierre, 07/21/11 9:47 PM
Give him respect. By the way much more people around the world enjoy haitian tradutional music which is voodoo... more »
Garry Destin, 07/21/11 8:42 PM
I am catholic and don't participate in any aspect of the vodou ceremonies. But if it's what Azor beleived in and where... more »
Vanina, 07/21/11 3:12 PM
Peace to his soul That's what i call a country of respect. A country that start to realize its citizen's potentuals... more »
Garry Destin, 07/21/11 1:28 PM
I think,Azor needs a national funeral for his contribution to the haitian Culture across the world through music. I... more »
Nicolas Ronel, 07/21/11 12:53 PM
I think he deserves it its about time we start showing honor to our Haitian gems/ treasures no matter what genre they... more »
Linda Chery, 07/21/11 12:01 PM
I have so much respect for Azor. He is the only voodoo artist that I listen to over and over again. I am glad the... more »
Shakaitutu, 07/21/11 11:30 AM
I agree with you a 100 percent. more »
Dany, 07/19/11 11:17 AM
God is in control not voodoo it time those who are worship the devil see that an give their live to God. The catholik... more »
Fremond R, 07/19/11 9:52 AM
haitian have to stop voodoo and be with god the almigthy god said no to voodo is time to repend from devil u see where... more »
Lena, 07/19/11 9:21 AM