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BABAY AZOR ----------------------- Babay Azor Mwen pa sevi lwa Men m-renmen kout tanbou sa-a. Pye mapou, orevwa m-pa... more »
Schiller Marcelin, 07/18/11 6:34 PM
Azor a beaucoup contribue au developpement de la culture haitienne.C'est avec infiniment de peine que je salue son... more »
Cineus Frantz, 07/17/11 11:22 PM
Leonore fortune, un homme qui a fait beaucoup pour la culture haitienne. more »
Johny Zephir, 07/17/11 7:13 PM
Florance it Fito dauther baby mommy frityard more »
Marie Gaspard, 07/17/11 6:51 PM
he was not a gospel singer,he was a voodoo singer for your information but he will be certaintly miss more »
Elizabeth M Francois, 07/17/11 6:16 PM
Boulo valcourt is mourning of the death of his long time friend Azor. they have played together for many years and... more »
Boulo Valcourt Reacts To The Death Of Azor, 07/17/11 5:52 PM
when is the next concert more »
Sterneck Calixte, 07/15/11 3:28 AM
Imamou Madiomenca, 07/12/11 6:20 PM
hi Arly my name is karina and I was at the concert skasha in orlando Florida. All I can say is your song really touch... more »
Kareen Dowe, 07/03/11 6:01 PM
hiii t-jo you are on of my favorite artist more »
Valine Senat, 07/02/11 1:36 PM