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hi my name is cici from florida and i just wanted to say that you are a fine haitian and i would love to know more... more »
Cici, 05/15/11 9:23 PM
Mr. President mes compliments. Je t'en prie "sevi Bon Dieu pou li kapab aide dirige peyi d'Ayiti" Que Dieu te... more »
Martine M Larose, 05/14/11 5:27 AM
Fantastic and sweet blog. I think the title of the album is right on. send the website where I can order my copy... more »
Noleggio Proiettori, 05/04/11 5:47 AM
Hello Azor, i just was wondering how can i get or buy the new Cd azor mapou racince kanaval 2011 i just love that song... more »
David, 05/03/11 3:00 PM
The video is lovely! This is an awesome and powerfully emotional video! I really had to held tight not to breakdown in... more »
Noleggio Proiettori Roma, 05/03/11 2:08 AM
Marise Alexis, 04/28/11 9:46 AM
Ou se yon bel famm more »
Bebe, 04/27/11 2:49 PM
American lage nou nan mize, yo ba nou tranbleman de te. more »
Bebe, 04/27/11 2:48 PM
you good, brother!!!!!!!!! best haitian artist ever more »
Allien Dessalines, 04/26/11 9:16 PM
je veeux faire passer 1 message more »
Jean, 04/26/11 8:29 AM