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Who can help me find the song, " La Fille que J'aime s'en est allee..." par Herold Christophe? more »
Kj, 12/28/10 11:55 AM
Je viens de rencontrer un Haitien, Dieulif more »
Fran Oise, 12/27/10 10:42 PM
VEry very very very very everyyyyyyyy trueeee more »
Feddymix, 12/16/10 12:41 AM
So djakout came out with a new album so tvice needs to. Be ready and make the band more full some people say oh tvice... more »
Saturn Darang, 12/15/10 10:23 PM
Thank you Lutchina for the love. It's certainly helping me through my ministry. God Bless. more »
Tibobdenazareth, 12/12/10 1:17 AM
Merci ma soeur pour tes mots combien encourageants. Je veux te faire savoir que tu fais partie int more »
Tibobdenazareth, 12/12/10 1:14 AM
Louloue, 12/10/10 4:28 PM
hi,gazzman how u doing so I agree with u coz u r a superstar nobody can get u out of the kompa they can talk shit but... more »
Sony, 12/07/10 7:21 PM
Hi all, In my past few messages, I more »
Bdiament, 12/05/10 4:45 PM
bonjour Emelyne, comment ca va tu te rappels, en 2007 a la fete de la radio cp am au christina amontreal. bousculade... more »
Jean, 12/04/10 1:16 AM