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My nigga u rock, so my question is when are u planning to do some songz with international rapper such as Drake more »
Nathan, 03/29/12 6:33 PM
Hey Princess.... how r u doing? what next for u in the haitian music scene.....a album maybe....I like you... more »
Ghardy Daniel, 03/25/12 12:29 PM
You are the best Haitian artist,i don't know anything about music promotion but in the next 4 months i am willing to... more »
Dr Karl Oreste, 03/15/12 5:34 PM
Roberto ou c yon atis mw renmen tande anpil man depi le mwen t tou piti so mwen ta renmen pou u tuju ret positif Big... more »
Paulemon Mackenson, 03/04/12 2:45 PM
Salut more »
Medi Cesar, 02/24/12 4:17 PM
le plus grand de tous les groupes musicaux d'haiti de tous les temps'le plus grand maestri avecplus de... more »
Rodolphe Barrelle, 02/23/12 7:40 PM
Hi, can you meet me its very important for me my phone number is 509-3621-7839 in Haiti, in miami 516-451-2962 thank you more »
Idovia C Roberts, 02/20/12 6:21 PM
Merci encore une fois pour le concert a Sob s de janvier a Nyc et tout particuli more »
Severine, 02/20/12 3:26 PM
Rosiny and his family is my favorite artist. and god also bless them in time of trouble.its great that god really love... more »
Zadina Louis, 02/20/12 12:39 PM
Attention Please, I am Mr Lucas Morrison from Burkina-Faso;I Have an Opportunity to the Sum of Millions, United States... more »
Mr Morrison, 02/14/12 5:46 PM