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bonjou Andre. Mw rele wolsky map Viv Mirebalais mw Se mizisyen, mw jwe Nan yon djazz ki rele Fragil Mizik, mw tande... more »
Guerrier Wolsky, 02/05/12 11:38 AM
Tonton dezirab is the best, every haitian should make every effort to listen to his music and see his comedy shows.He... more »
Jean, 01/27/12 9:33 PM
I luv u more than ur people I'm not Haitian but I am a lost African like u i love your music its so good u r so... more »
Michelle, 01/24/12 1:38 AM
I love u I'm from Winter Haven Fl. I don't understand creole very well but I love your music, your style, your... more »
Michelle, 01/23/12 1:08 AM
I am a new fan to Carimi I like to liston to your music. I would like to know why you dont come to florida to play in... more »
Daline Louis, 01/22/12 3:47 PM
I love ur music please when u doing another cd don't. Talk about your personal life cause we do not enjoy the rest of... more »
Carline, 01/21/12 5:48 PM
Sabrina ma soeur cherie, merci pour tes mots on ne peut plus encourageants. D more »
Tibobdenazareth, 01/20/12 6:48 PM
Bonjou manbre belmizik yo pou Bel travail sa,ke nap f Ave atis yo mwen rimen belmizik. Men rinmen kompa. more »
Roger Pierre, 01/20/12 10:53 AM
Man,I'm a musician who had the privilege to play with Andre Dejean.I can't tell u enough about this great... more »
Philibert, 01/19/12 11:14 PM
Congraaatulations for your talent Girl. You are a God's given gift, a real sunshine for the haitian community. Your... more »
Islande Jeune, 01/17/12 9:11 PM