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Shoubou Knowing that Jesus was mistreated on Earth, I am not surprised to read how disrepectful you have been treated... more »
Jean Wilkins Paul, 08/12/11 10:58 PM
dear martha, thi a good job you are doing for the Lord when you make the joyful noise unto him,so will be bless and... more »
Charles Jim, 08/05/11 9:30 PM
To think, I was confused a muinte ago. more »
Mavrick, 07/31/11 10:38 AM
Mesi pou bon jan pawol ak felicitasyon ke-w ban mwen. Pawol sayo vo mye ke lajan. Masi ampil. Bondye va beni-w... more »
Abner G, 07/31/11 8:00 AM
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Lorin, 07/31/11 7:01 AM
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Kzuskipcdy, 07/31/11 5:50 AM
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Cindy, 07/30/11 5:55 PM
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Isabelle, 07/30/11 4:59 PM
Pin my tail and call me a donkey, that ralely helped. more »
Lavonn, 07/30/11 3:22 PM
well done brother keep on doing the good work.no complaint.God bless you. more »
Raynold Louis, 07/25/11 11:44 AM