Ram - Ibo Lele Dreams Come True

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Watch the Ram - Ibo Lele Dreams Come True video, One Of The Earliest Songs Of RAM And Was Even A Soundtrack To The 1993 Tom Hanks' Movie Philadelphia. The Ibo Or Igbo Is An Ethnic Group In West Africa. In Haitian Vodou, It Is A Nation Honored And Recognized Within The Practice That Some Haitians Trace Their Ancestry To. It Is Said The Song Rhythm Is Of The Igbo People Who Lived In Elele, Nigeria And Were Transported To Haiti As Slaves. Hence The Title Ibo Lele And The Hommage. Background RAM Stands For The Initial Of Its Founder Is One Of The Most Prominent Vodou-themed Bands In Rasin Roots Music. Created In 1990 By Richard A. Morse Mother Is Emerante De Pradines, Haitian Folklore Dancer And Singer Who Moved To Port-au-Prince, Seeking To Explore Haitian And Caribbean Music, RAM Is Known For Its Interesting Fusion Of Traditional Music And Rock N' Roll. As Beloved As They Are And Known For Being The People's Voice, The Group Has Survived Kidnapping Threats, Assissination Threats Because Of Their Tendency To Speak Out Against Government Regimes In Their Music. Richard, And His Wife Lunise Are The Group's Lead Singers.

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