Abner G Lavi Pa Fini

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Watch the Abner G Lavi Pa Fini video. Music Video By Haitian Artist Abner G. This is a very Popular Song in the country. This is a song that brings hope and happiness in the heart of a Nation that is being consumed by poverty, crime, corruption and injustice. Proceeds from this album are being used to help the country's poorest children and families. You can be part of this effort by visiting www.abnerg.com and click on donation link.

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Video Comments (3)

Abner G says...

Mesi pou bon jan pawol ak felicitasyon ke-w ban mwen. Pawol sayo vo mye ke lajan.

Masi ampil.

Bondye va beni-w.
"Depi Gen Lavi, Gen Espwa"

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Raynold Louis says...

well done brother keep on doing the good work. no complaint.God bless you.

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Cassandre Vallet says...

hello abner koman ou ye sak regle minm mw felicitatyon pou misik sa anpil mon chere, minm bondye ap toujou gadew nan tou sa wap fe so kontinye konsa ok frem mw god bless u for ur rest in your life ok

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