AZOR National Vodou Funeral, Champs-de-Mars Haiti, Saturday 23 June

A Vodou style National Funeral will be held for Haitian music legend Lenord Fortune aka AZOR at Champs-de-Mars in front of the Haiti National Museum (Musee du Pantheon National) on Saturday July 23rd 2011. Ati Max Beauvoir will lead the funeral...

The body AZOR will arrive at Champ-de-Mars on a horse-drawn carriage

President Michel Martelly made sure that this state funeral be held in honor of the legendary singer and drummer.

The vodou ceremony...

The religious part of the funeral will be a Vodou ceremony, a peristyle will be erected in Champ-de-Mars with stands for the attendees.

The vodou funeral will be led by Ati Max Beauvoir, the highest authority in the Haitian vodou religion.

AZOR, considered the father of Haiti Vodou music, is the first vodouisant (follower of the Haitian vodou religion) to every receive such great honor.

This will a well deserved honor because the man brought vodou music to the world.

AZOR will be cremated...

AZOR's body will be cremated at the Pax Villa Crematorium immediately following the ceremony.

AZOR's funeral will be broadcast nationally.


What do you thing about this national vodou funeral for AZOR?

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Val map songew san rete azor, wale guinin rete la poul continue fais route la
Reply · July 24 at 8:08 PM
Suzana I feel so sad for him cause he's gone whit out God.
Reply · July 24 at 8:07 PM
Toto I am so proud of our president Martelly who honors Azor as a great and our Voodoo culture publickly without any... see more
Reply · July 24 at 7:09 PM
Reginal Silne First i would say thanks to the presidency for beins so concerned about the death of our hero :azor: he will be... see more
Reply · July 23 at 11:00 AM
Bwa San Fey I am not a vodouisant but I respect those who practice vodouism. They send their prayers to God. At least they don't... see more
Reply · July 22 at 3:39 AM
T. Lagwe Des que le coeur d'un grand homme cesse de battre, on donne son nom a une art
Reply · July 21 at 10:48 PM
Kenold Pierre R.I.P Azor.You will be greatly missed
Reply · July 21 at 9:47 PM
Vanina I am catholic and don't participate in any aspect of the vodou ceremonies. But if it's what Azor beleived in and where... see more
Reply · July 21 at 3:12 PM
Garry Destin Peace to his soul That's what i call a country of respect. A country that start to realize its citizen's potentuals... see more
Reply · July 21 at 1:28 PM
Nicolas Ronel I think,Azor needs a national funeral for his contribution to the haitian Culture across the world through music. I... see more
Reply · July 21 at 12:53 PM
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