Haiti Men Nan Men - Rap Creole Music Video For Haiti Earthquake

Watch the new Rap Kreyol video about the Haiti earthquake featuring Rockfam, Chachou Boyz, I&I, Tooboo, Gabel, Nu Mention, Tonton Nord, and Robinson Lauvince.
Coulgi I&I and other Haitian Rappers In Studio

The video is called "Haiti Men Nan Men," made from a collaboration of Haitian hip hop rappers, and it's very nice.

For those of you who don't really understand kreyol, here is a small part of the lyrics:

belpoz.com/picture-7413I just heard about the this terrible news
and my heart is wrenching.
I still don't know where my mother is,
I don't know where my brothers are,
my sisters, not even my friends....

Oh God, my country is in a state of shock!
Lots of kids are laying under tons of bricks...

Even if the earth is shaking under our feet,
let us keep praying to the Lord can hear our voices...

For more Rap Kreyol videos visit: BelRapKreyol.com

How do you like the video, post your comments below

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Boniface Zebo says...

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Boniface Zebo Correspt De says...

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Haiti Pride says...

wow, I come to know about a new update.

obviously you done a good job sharing these, i in fact am in need of such info a

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Gigi says...

Have u ever been to haiti since the earthquake?

well it is a disaster, and this video is very nice like u said,

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Boniface Zebo Correspt De says...

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Josenel says...

this video is very nice and sad but i really love. it is remind me of my people in my beautiful country which is Haiti.

i wanna say to all those singers to be strong never give up because we are Haiti force.and i wanna say to those who lost their family to be strong and pray for the rest who alive and support them. all Haitians all over the world lets put hand together to help our country because we are the children of Haiti.

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Boniface Zebo Coresspt De Pres says...

unity for haiti an the world hand to hand god bless my people and humanity of senegal africa europe u s a france careebean people brother's hood diaspora and the thoussand people dead and the victimes amen...

Boniface Zebo

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