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AZOR National Vodou Funeral, Champs-de-Mars Haiti, Saturday 23 June

A Vodou style National Funeral will be held for Haitian music legend Lenord Fortune aka AZOR at Champs-de-Mars in front of the Haiti National Museum (Musee du Pantheon National) on Saturday July 23rd 2011. Ati Max Beauvoir will lead the funeral... more »

National Vigil for AZOR at Champs-de-Mars Haiti, Friday June 22

A vigil will be held for Haitian singer Lenord Fortune aka AZOR on Friday June 22, 2011 at Champ-de-Mars in downtown Port-au-Prince Haiti. Thirty plus Haitian artist will be in attendance to pay tribute to for AZOR. more »

President Michel Martelly Mourns The Death Of AZOR, A Fellow Musician

Haitian Conga player AZOR is Dead; Haitian president, former singer Michel Martelly, took the time to express his heartfelt condolences to the fellow singer. more »

Fabrice Rouzier Reacts to The Death Of AZOR

Various Artist in the Haitian music industry are mourning and expressing their feelings regarding the death of Haitian musicianLenord Fortune aka AZOR. more »

Haiti Racine Singer AZOR Is Dead!

Breaking News... Haitian Racine singer Lenord Fortune aka AZOR of Racine Mapou is Dead. The artist died last night after a performance at Fete Mont-Carmel, Saut d'Eau more »

Watch Live Haitian Event Videos Online!

If you like watching live Haiti event videos online, then you will certainly enjoy this new live Haitian party video section just added to Belfet.com, The Haiti Internet events database. more »

Top Adlerman Accuses Djakout Mizik Of Stealing

Top Adlerman Top Adlerman says Djakout's new song PROFITE is his. He says Djakout Mizik stole the song and Shabba asked him not to release his original version. more »

Video: Haitian Band HARMONIK on NBC America's Got Talent

Harmonik On America's Got Talent Haitian band HARMONIK was on the NBC TV show America's Got Talent last night. We have the video for you, Harmonik auditioned for America's Got Talent, the judges approved, Harmonik is going to Las Vegas to win the 1 Million Dollar prize... U.S. wi piti... U... S... more »

T-Vice New CD, Vinn Investi, Just Released

t-vice album release party T-Vice has just released their new album titled "Welcome to Haiti, Vinn Investi" on Saturday. I was one of the invited guests at the album release party in Miami and I took some pictures to share with you. more »